Welcome to Arona Consumer Ltd

Arona Consumer LTD, founded in 2020, is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of FMCG products in Mauritius and Africa. Created by young and dynamic entrepreneurs, Arona Consumer LTD strives to provide for quality products at very affordable prices. Our vision is to be one of the leading importers of FMCG products in the country. We pride ourselves in our corporate culture that strives for quality, effectiveness and customer-centric satisfaction at all levels. We work with several partners across the globe, and we make sure that they are all respecting the necessary national and international guidelines for each product that we import. The quality of our product is one of our main focuses because we want our customers to have the best possible experience when purchasing one of our items.

Arona Consumer LTD has a dedicated team that travels across the country to promote our brands with our different partners and a delivery team that ensures timely deliveries to clients all around Mauritius.


Bazana – Healthier – Everywhere – For everyone.

Your first package snack that is not junk!
It is a Not fried, No Oil Snacks and is a vegetarian product
You may enjoy your healthy on the go snack anywhere and anytime.
A great variety of snacks made from quality, Pistachios, Almonds, Cashew amongst others – Try it, and you will adopt it

Dipitt – Inspired by flavors from all over the world.

A great selection of sauces to accompany you every day during your meal or in the kitchen, restaurants, snacks and or hotels. Dipitt is present on the international market with partners like Carrefour, KFC, McDonald’s, SUBWAY, Domino’s, DUNKIN’ DONUTS amongst others, now you may have same in your home, restaurants and hotels.


Icy Monkey – We are the official representative of Icy Monkey in the southern part of Africa.

Icy Monkey is a Non Alcoholic Refreshing Boost drinks

Icy Monkey Drinks have the nutrition your body needs, and a taste you’ll love by breaking the ice with raw, exotic fruit scents.

Evocative of escape and enjoyment. Each sip is packed with a sensorial experience that gives you a combination of body refreshment and sensorial pleasure.

When the days get hotter, sometimes you only need a booze-free drink that doesn’t taste sort of a juice box. Since alcohol dehydrates you and hydration is that the key to staying cool within the heat, icy monkey is the best option to boost up your day.


Beaver – Beaver Professional aims at offering the best Hair Care products and protection for all hair types. Its register more than 40 countries.

Sustainable development, protection of the earth.

BEAVER is an innovative, eco friendly hair product brand, but its main concern is more for hair health.

BEAVER is focussed in creating a comprehensive and excellent hair solutions.
BEAVER is committed in creating a sustainable, environmentally sound production and development system to build more people and better protect our mother earth.

One touch condoms and Lubricants

Proper use of ONE TOUCH condoms can help reduce the risk of pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, but no method of contraception can provide 100% protection.

One touch Lubricants is architecture to help you find appropriate sexual satisfaction

Artificial lubricant can help enhance arousal, boost sexual pleasure, keep your vaginal skin soft, and, most importantly, reduce friction during penetration

Important Note: In no case we are encouraging anyone into any kind or type of sexual activities without consent or indulging in unlawful sexual act towards anyone


Rapid Delivery
A rapid delivery can be done for large quantities, without any hurdles.
We already have the logistic for same.
Experienced team
We have an experienced team & dedicated team to guide you through your purchase with us
Payment is either by bank transfer or Cash on delivery,
we are open to the solution that suits you best